Giselle_velvet Black velvet×BK

A special holiday version is now available from Giselle, a ballerina-inspired shoe with a toe-shoe-like square toe and ribbon detailing.

The black velour upper gives a classic and elegant look.

The velour bow makes this a perfect pair for the holiday season.


Upper: 95% polyester, 5% spandex Sole: 100% pylon

Click here for details on sizes available in each country (Size Guide)

Note: (Velour material) Velour is a product with fluff on the surface of the fabric, and is characterized by its soft touch and luster.

To care for it, dust along the fur with a soft brush and keep the fluff in place. If it gets wet in the rain, the fur will lie down in that area and it will look like a stain. So, please absorb the water droplets by dabbing with a dry cloth immediately.

Friction during wear may cause the fluff to fall out. If the fluff adheres to other clothing, remove it with a dust brush or similar tool.

Avoid using or storing in high noise and humidity.